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Your imagination + Etymon = cool words.

Do you need a name for your company, product or service? How about for your company mascot or your family pet? Etymon is a powerful and fun tool to help you create new, unique and cool words for all your needs.

How it works

How it works

Sometimes you just need a little help coming up with ideas for new words or names for the important things in your work or everyday life.

  • With Etymon you can handcraft words by specifying unique combinations of vowels and consonants. This is called your Word Recipe. Etymon will insert a random vowel every place you asked for a vowel and random consonants every place you want a consonant.

  • Or you can simply enter a concept you have in mind and Etymon will slice your concept into its syllables and then augment those syllables with various random vowel and consonant combinations to create interesting new words.

  • Etymon will also look up synonyms of your concept, break those similar words into their syllables and then add vowels and consonants in various patterns to create new words.

  • Finally, Etymon will translate your concept into French, Spanish or Latin, and then again, give you fascinating words based on the translation and added vowels and consonants.

Example Screen Shots

Create a Word Recipe by specifying combinations of vowels and consonants.

Let Etymon riff on a Concept you give.

Etymon can create new words based on synonyms of your concept.

Etymon can create new words after translating your concept into another language.

Share your cool words with your colleagues and friends.

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